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Commonwealth regional consultations update

Posted on 26/04/2013
By Martin Petts

A series of regional consultations will be taking place soon as a step in further informing and fleshing out the strategic areas identified in the Foundation’s strategic plan.

A two-step consultation process is underway as part of the Foundation’s approach to identify existing and potential partners; to gain a better understanding of the expertise, strengths, & comparative advantages of these partners; to have a deeper appreciation of the issues, gaps, opportunities and leadership in participatory governance across the Commonwealth; and to facilitate the identification of regional priorities on participatory governance and development.

This process includes regional scoping missions, where appropriate, which have so far taken place in Ghana and Kenya. These missions will inform regional consultations planned for May-July 2013. The consultation for the Americas region took place in St Lucia, 16-17 April.

The consultations will also develop a regional snapshot of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) acceleration and post-2015 framework, enhancing the research undertaken by the Foundation on progress towards the MDGs in 14 Commonwealth countries. The consultations are also designed to guide the Foundation as it develops a CSO Engagement Strategy for the Commonwealth and determines its geographic, thematic and sectoral focus for its strategic period 2012-16.


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