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Call for applications for the Commonwealth Gender Plan of Action Monitoring Group

Applications are invited from civil society leaders in the Commonwealth to serve as Members of the Commonwealth Gender Plan of Action ...

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CPF 2011: Commonwealth should be a “meaningful vehicle for change”

CPF 2011: Commonwealth should be a “meaningful vehicle for change”

Commonwealth People’s Forum provides crucial interface between governments and civil society Civil society representatives gathered in ...

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‘Commonwealth must confront its weaknesses’, say civil society

In a strongly worded statement civil society representatives drawn from across the 54 member association have called on Commonwealth ...

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Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the 2011 CPF

CPF 2011: Australian Prime Minister to open Commonwealth People’s Forum

The Hon. Julia Gillard MP acknowledges crucial role for CPF at the interface between governments and civil society. Prime Minister ...

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Dr James Martin at the 2010 Commonwealth Lecture

Commonwealth Lecture 2010

“Science and Technology: Impacts on Society in the 21st Century.” Dr James Martin, author, business leader, and social ...

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Commonwealth Lecture 2009

“The Commonwealth @ 60: serving a new generation.” Mr Terry Waite, CBE speaking at the 12th annual Commonwealth Lecture on ...

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Dr David Suzuki speaking at the 2008 Commonwealth Lecture

Commonwealth Lecture 2008

“The challenge of the 21st Century: setting the real bottom line.” Dr David Suzuki, Emeritus Professor of the Sustainable ...

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Dr Ali A. Mazrui speaking at the 2007 Commonwealth Lecture

Commonwealth Lecture 2007

“The Power of Language and the Politics of Religion.” Dr Ali A. Mazrui, Director of Institute of Global Cultural ...

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James Wolfensohn, Commonwealth Lecture 2006

Commonwealth Lecture 2006

“The future role of the Commonwealth: a bridge between an emerging three speed world.” James Wolfensohn is the former ...

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Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Commonwealth Lecture 2005

Commonwealth Lecture 2005

“The Commonwealth in the 21st Century: Prospects and Challenges.” Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, ...

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