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Commonwealth Civil Society Forum on Health

The Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting (CHMM), held on 20 May 2018, provided an opportunity for member countries to share their ...

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Explainer video: what is the Commonwealth Civil Society Forum?

The Forum, supported by the Commonwealth Foundation, takes place annually in Geneva prior to the Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting ...

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CHMM17 Ministers

Healthy discussion: but will Ministers listen?

Anton Kerr, former Director of HIV/AIDS alliance and chairman of Commonwealth Health Professions Alliance, makes the case for increased ...

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Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting: Civil Society Forum 2017

With support from the Commonwealth Foundation, the Civil Society Forum was jointly hosted by the Commonwealth Health Professionals ...

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Ministers at CHMM17

Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting: Civil Society Forum 2015

The Foundation supported the Civil Society Partners’ Forum in conjunction with the 27th Commonwealth Health Ministers’ Meeting 2015 ...

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