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10 Minutes with Australian Writer, Jeanine Leane

Posted on 07/10/2014
By Commonwealth Foundation
“I think I am an activist writer but activism really needs a face and the best way to be an activist is through people’s real stories…just even being alive, and I say this to my students, is political for Aboriginal people."
Jeanine Leane

Jeanine Leane LandscapeJeanine is a Wiradjuri woman from New South Wales. She currently holds a post-doctoral fellowship at the Australian Centre for Indigenous History at the Australian National University. Jeanine’s research is focused on settler representations of Aboriginal Australians in literature. In 2010, Jeanine published her first book, the prizewinning volume of poetry Dark Secrets After Dreaming: AD 1887-1961. Her first novel, Purple Threads (2011), was shortlisted for the 2012 Commonwealth Book Prize.
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Dark Secrets After DreamingDark Secrets After Dreaming: AD 1887-1961 (2011) – Jeanine’s first volume of poetry tells the tragic story of the early invasion of the Wiradjuri lands. It won the 2010 Scanlon Prize for Indigenous Poetry.
‘I wasn’t confident to share my work in public. I didn’t think I was a particularly good creative writer. I wrote mainly as a way of remembering’ – in this article Jeanine details her career as a writer and teacher, and the act of recording aboriginal stories in print.
Threads and Secrets: Black Women re-writing history through fiction – in this video Jeanine explains the role of aboriginal women in recording and rewriting their nation’s history.
Jeanine Leane: Wiradjuri Writer – in this brief interview the writer gives a summary of her writing achievements, names her favourite book, and outlines the greatest challenge her writing presents her.

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