At Wilton Park’s third meeting on ‘Peacebuilding in Africa’ series, participants were asked about the biggest opportunities or hindrances to sustainable civil society engagement in the African peacebuilding process.

Myn Garcia, The Commonwealth Foundation’s Deputy Director, spoke about the importance of localised civil society action to peaceful development and the need to acknowledge the multitude of national and local perspectives in the African context.

Previous events in Wilton Park’s ‘African perspectives on peacebuilding’ series have assessed the development of African approaches to peacebuilding in response to the changing dynamics of conflict and emergence of new conflict actors on the continent.

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One thought on “What next for peacebuilding in Africa?

  1. Indeed sharing of different narratives and listening to alternative voices especially the most excluded, will provide Africa insights for gender responsive peace and security, and from a human perspective rather than only the political angle. This way the narrative of security will be embedded in the mindsets of individuals and communities, and hence genuine peace and security on the continent will be attained. Affected communities, especially women have a core role in all the peace and security architecture in Africa.

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